Water Damage In Your Home: How A Damage Contractor Repairs Your Home To Original Condition


Whether you live in a known flood zone or you have a pipe burst in your home, when you get water damage it can make areas of your residence entirely unlivable. Hiring a damage contractor who specializes in water removal is the best way to ensure that future damage doesn't happen to your home. Learn what these experts do to return your home to its original condition again.

Furniture and carpet removal

The first thing a damage contractor does is remove all affected furnishings and carpeting from your home. Wearing special suits to protect them against polluted water and possible mould spores, they pull up your carpet and batting to expose any moisture that is present. They then take all couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture out of the affected area to prevent it from getting more damaged. As a homeowner, it is your job to assess the damage of your furnishings and carpeting for insurance purposes so you can have your items replaced by your insurance.

Mould inspection

After removing the most obvious signs of water damage from your home, damage contractors work quickly to inspect your drywall, flooring, and other areas for signs of rot and mould. Using special equipment, they remove mould growth from your walls, ceiling, under sinks, and other wet areas for testing. Once they have identified the type of mould you have in your home due to water damage, they use specified chemicals to kill the mould and its spores. After mould removal, they place hypo-allergenic fans in all rooms of your house so all free-floating mould spores are eradicated. You will be unable to enter your home while mould removal is underway, and may be advised to stay off your property until the areas have dried out.

Foundation repair

In some cases, water damage can cause drywall to rot or cave in, wood to swell, and your overall foundation to be affected. Damage contractors remove the affected parts of your walls and flooring and replace them with new supplies so your home can be restored to its original condition. Depending on the damage, this renovation process can take several days or weeks.

What you should do

While damage contractors are in your home, it's best that you are not present so you do not put yourself in any danger. Find alternate lodging while repairs and mould removal are occurring. Your home insurance often covers lodging as well as the replacement of carpeting and furnishing.

When you have water damage in your home, you want to have the issues repaired as quickly as possible. A damage contractor is well-skilled in locating ruined areas and renovating them so your home can return to its original condition.


25 April 2015

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