What You Should Know about Home Water Damage Restoration


Have you been temporarily living in a hotel because your home is full of water from a plumbing problem? The best way to bring your house back to a livable condition in a timely manner is hiring a water damage restoration company. Find out below how a water damage restoration company can be helpful after a pipe bursts open.

What Kind of Services Can a Water Damage Restoration Company Offer?

A water damage restoration company should be able to get the water out of your house a lot faster than you can on your own. Basically, a commercial pump will be used that can remove large amounts of water at a time. Removing the water is only the first step, as after it is gone, the damage that it caused to your house will be revealed.

The professionals will walk around your home to find out what the root of the water problem is. Water-sensing infrared equipment will be used to see what is going on inside of your walls and ceilings. Before your home is restored, it is important to get the root of the problem repaired first to keep water from seeping in.

After the water problem is fixed, the professionals will get rid of mold and mildew. You can also expect to receive services that include:

  • Installing new flooring
  • Cleaning your furniture
  • Painting damaged walls
  • Replace damaged insulation
  • Removing the odor of mildew

What Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Charge?

You will be charged based on how much water damage there is in your home, as well as the complexity of the job. For instance, you may be charged extra if repairs are needed in a small crawl space that is difficult to access. The amount of water being pumped out of the house will affect the overall price as well. Keep in mind that you may receive help with water damage repair costs if you have homeowners insurance. The extent of coverage will depend on what is in your specific insurance policy.

Don't allow water in the house to keep you living in a hotel and out of your comfort zone. Leave the task of repairing water damage to professionals and you will have your house back in no time. The most important service that they will provide is mold removal, as it can prevent you from getting sick. Speak to a water damage repair company so repairs can be made as soon as possible.


22 July 2015

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