How To Tell When There Is A Problem With Your Home's Foundation


No matter how beautiful the siding may be or how strong the walls are it's all nearly worthless if there is a problem with the foundation of your home. The foundation is supposed to be strong and durable, able to support the weight of the rest of the property and those who live in it. If you've been living in your house for some time, it can be hard to tell when the foundation has been compromised in some way. Read through the list below, and if any of these symptoms ring a bell, it might be time to have your foundation looked at by a foundation repair service professional.

The Baseboards Start To Separate In The Corners

One of the first places you should look when you're trying to figure out whether or not your foundation is damaged is the corners of your house. If you do a visual inspection and find that the baseboards have started to become dislodged from their joints in the corners of each room your foundation might be the source of the problem.

When the foundation is cracked or has started to deteriorate it creates an imbalance which makes it nearly impossible for the outermost parts of the home to remain level. The baseboards might appear to be sunken in some places or could have become completely separated from the walls. It's not enough to simply use some nails or a glue gun to put the baseboards back into place. This is a problem that could recur if you don't fix the underlying issue:  Your damaged foundation.

Your Home Is More Humid Than Usual

It's also important to pay attention to the quality of your indoor air. When the interior air starts to become more humid than it did in the past, it could be a sign that your foundation is cracked. The excess heat and moisture from the soil beneath your house are then able to seep through the foundation and mingle with the air that is already inside of your home. You should take heed to this symptom and get a foundation repair expert on the case immediately.

Fixing the foundation of your home can reverse so many of the problems that you might be experiencing. Protect the investment that you have made in your house by letting a foundation repairs service professional assist you with getting your foundation back up to par.


19 April 2018

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