Water Damage Problems That Aren't Minor Moisture Issues


Some water damage problems are just due to minor moisture issues. There are also other problems that are more severe and require the help of a professional restoration service. You may want to know when these water damage problems are too much for you to handle on your home. The following water damage information will help you know when you need to call a professional restoration service.

Repairing Damage After Pipes Burst

The colder months can be a time when you have serious problems with plumbing. Some of these issues can cause severe water damage to your home. You will want to get these problems under control quickly. Therefore, you will want to contact a water damage restoration service and ask about emergency repairs after turning the water off.

Dealing With Water Damage That Has Caused Mold

Mold is a serious issue that will require professional removal and remediation. Sometimes, the water damage that causes the mold may seem like a minor moisture problem. When there is a moisture problem that causes mold or mildew, it needs to be tested. Things that you need to look for with this type of water damage include:

  • Watermarks with black mildew spots
  • Issues with rotten woodwork
  • Problems with odors due to moisture

The problems with mold will require professional help to repair the damage. The water damage restoration service can test the area and do the repairs that are needed.

Issues With Water Damage in a Basement or Crawl Space

Foundations are another area where there may be issues with moisture that signify a bigger issue. In basements and crawl spaces, these water problems often go unnoticed as they get worse. The issues with moisture in your basement can be caused by problems with ventilation, foundation damage, or mechanical problems. You are going to need help repairing the water damage, as well as with other repairs that may be needed.

Water Damage Due to Heavy Rains and Storms  

The heavy rains can also cause severe water damage to your home. Sometimes, this is due to natural disasters like flooding. It can also be due to problems with drainage, foundation waterproofing, and sewer backflow issues. If you have a problem with stormwater getting into your home, you are going to need professional help with repairs.

The water damage problems in your home can be more than just minor issues with moisture. Contact a water damage restoration service for help with repairs that are too much for you to take care of on your own.


21 December 2020

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