Effects Of Water Damage To Your Home (And How To Fix It)


Whether it occurs as a result of a flood, a burst pipe, or high moisture levels, water damage can cause severe trauma to your home. Learn more about the effects water damage can have on your home and what you can do to fix the damage after the fact.  

Effects of Water Damage on Your Home

There are a number of ways that water damage can affect your home, including:


In most situations, the floors will see some of the worst water damage as the water pools on the floor until it's removed. Wood floors and carpets are especially susceptible to extensive damage that requires complete replacement. When replacing the floors, consider waterproof tiles, especially in the basement and bathroom. 


Mold prefers warm, moist areas, making water-damaged locations ideal for mold growth. You may notice the mold due to the smell before seeing it, but it's generally black, brown, green, and blue in color. Don't forget to search the corners and hard-to-see places when searching for mold.

There are multiple types of mold, with some of them being damaging to respiratory health. Mold also attracts certain pests, which can add to future damage. 

Structural Damage

When water damage gets especially bad, it can cause damage to the structural integrity of your home. If you notice cracks developing in the walls or the floor, you may have foundation problems. Concrete slab foundations are the least likely to weaken as a result of water damage. 

How to Fix Water Damage

Repair water damage following these steps:

  1. Shut off the electricity to the affected area at the circuit breaker to prevent an electrical fire.
  2. Ventilate the area by opening windows and placing industrial-sized fans in strategic places. 
  3. Remove carpeting, furniture, appliances, and electronics. 
  4. Throw away damaged items and leave the rest to dry. 
  5. Clean all surfaces with bleach, as bleach will kill mold and stop future development. 
  6. Hire professional water damage repair services to fix the permanent damage. 

Extensive water damage repair requires advanced construction beyond what a DIYer can do themselves. The water damage repair company can replace the flooring and walls. They also have the tools and knowledge to dry your home as effectively as possible. 

Contact for water damage repair immediately. When it comes to water damage, the quicker you respond, the quicker you can repair the damage before it spreads (and costs more in repairs). 

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30 November 2022

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