Risk Factors For Mold Every Homeowner Should Know


Testing for mold is not something that most homeowners think to do unless they recognize signs of a problem. However, running periodic mold tests or contacting a damage contractor to conduct a test may need to be done if your home is at risk. While most property owners are capable of recognizing signs of a mold issue, many are not aware that there are certain types of mold that grow inconspicuously that can be dangerous.

If your home is considered at-risk, conducting mold tests on occasion ensures you don't allow an unseen problem to lead to a major threat. Take a look at the following risk factors for mold in the home. 

The Home Sat Empty for Long Periods of Time 

When a home sits idle without someone residing inside, mold growth can be more probable. For one, a house that sits idle is not going to get the proper level of airflow because it is unlikely the HVAC system is in use or windows and doors are being opened. Mold is also more likely to grow in areas not exposed to the sun. In a home that sits vacant, window coverings may rarely be opened. 

The Home Is Older Than Most 

Older homes are more vulnerable to mold development for several noteworthy reasons, including the fact that older homes: 

  • Don't always have the best systems to circulate air and prevent stagnant moisture from accumulating 
  • Often have foundation issues that allow water to seep into hidden areas 
  • Can be more susceptible to leaks from the roof, such as around chimneys 

If your home is considered vintage or antique, testing for mold becomes an even bigger priority. 

The Home Had Any Level of Water Damage in the Past 

If a home has ever sustained water damage in the past, it should be periodically tested for mold. While damage contractors will do all they can to mitigate future risks of mold, components that have already been exposed to water can be easy to miss. 

The Home Is Located in a Humid Geographic Location 

Water exposure is often thought of as the only thing that can cause mold, but, remember, water particles can come in more than one form. The humidity levels in the air are caused by water in the atmosphere. Therefore, if a home is situated in an especially humid area, it may be more likely to develop a mold problem.

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22 February 2023

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