How To Tell When There Is A Problem With Your Home's Foundation


No matter how beautiful the siding may be or how strong the walls are it's all nearly worthless if there is a problem with the foundation of your home. The foundation is supposed to be strong and durable, able to support the weight of the rest of the property and those who live in it. If you've been living in your house for some time, it can be hard to tell when the foundation has been compromised in some way.

19 April 2018

How To Remove Move From Upholstered Furniture


If your upholstered furniture gets wet from flooding, or it stays stored for too long in storage units with no moisture control. Mold travels by spores, which thrive in moist environments. Mold commonly produces a musty odor, and it appears white, black, or orange. It is essential to treat the mold quickly to prevent heal tissues. Clean mold from upholstered furniture by following these steps. Prepare to Clean Mold from the Furniture

21 December 2017

Flooded Basement Problems Since Your Neighbor Made Changes To Their Property?


If the basement of your home flooded soon after your neighbors had made changes to their property, you may be wondering what happened and whether or not you should expect to have ongoing problems with flooding in the future. After all, a flooded basement can be a challenge to deal with, but if the basement floods constantly, the challenge becomes a nightmare. Here's what you need to know. Understand that water flows where there's the least resistance

15 June 2017

Three Steps To A Waterproof Basement (And Why You Need A Damage Contractor's Help)


Basements that are consistently wet (not just damp, but wet) after a storm may have some structural issues. If you cannot see where the water is coming in because there are no major cracks in the wall, then you might be able to take a simpler approach to a drier basement. The following three steps will make your basement drier, but you will still need the help of damage contractors. Step 1: Brace up Sinking Walls

11 June 2016

What You Should Know about Home Water Damage Restoration


Have you been temporarily living in a hotel because your home is full of water from a plumbing problem? The best way to bring your house back to a livable condition in a timely manner is hiring a water damage restoration company. Find out below how a water damage restoration company can be helpful after a pipe bursts open. What Kind of Services Can a Water Damage Restoration Company Offer?

22 July 2015

Water Damage In Your Home: How A Damage Contractor Repairs Your Home To Original Condition


Whether you live in a known flood zone or you have a pipe burst in your home, when you get water damage it can make areas of your residence entirely unlivable. Hiring a damage contractor who specializes in water removal is the best way to ensure that future damage doesn't happen to your home. Learn what these experts do to return your home to its original condition again. Furniture and carpet removal

25 April 2015